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About Deborah Van der Wolk:


Artist Deborah VanderWolk mixes folk art with contemporary styling, painting the whimsical into her depictions of the commonplace.


When she paints, Deborah pays close attention to fine details, adding paint and mixed media, layer upon layer, until the work feels complete. She always adds gold or silver metallic paint just before a painting is finished to give it her signature style. Deborah is drawn to bright colors, influenced by her early travels to the Caribbean. 


As a young child, Deborah was exposed to the art of many cultures. She lived with her parents in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, the south of France, and Nantucket, and traveled widely throughout Europe with her parents. Raised by supporters of the arts, Deborah learned to appreciate artwork and create her own world with it.


Deborah studied at the Bauder School of Fashion Design and Textiles in Miami, Florida. She is represented by Robert Foster Fine Arts and the Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery in Nantucket, MA, and by BIG ARTS Sanibel Island in Sanibel, FL. Deborah has been a member of the Artists Association of Nantucket since 2001, and received their Mixed Media Award in 2011. Deborah’s work is exhibited in public and private collections nationwide and in Europe. 


For more detailed information, please see Deborah’s curriculum vitae.


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